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Leaning Linux

Leaning Linux
It seems to be difficult to learning Linux Operating System initially. Everyone is looking for a Linux Drink  which can give then a instant solution for their problem. Keeping in mind that we have a learning curve different from each other and that need time to understand it.
Some quick tips for learning is given here to boost your interest towards Linux.
1. Be like a child who don't know anything as you feel initially. So be like that and start asking question with you that you are looking for it. The best way is writing on a notebook or mobile notes. That will help you to search on Internet or asking from others.
2. Because you can understand English, so start reading every error you face on command line terminal and find reason behind it.
3. As a human being, you want always a shortcut like a cheating to complete every task, so start exercise with any "Linux cheat-sheet" and be like a child as given above.
4. If you don't have Linux command prompt te…