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Using KVM disk image on NTFS partition

Using KVM disk image on NTFS partition
It is difficult to use the NTFS partition for the KVM storage.
It has the permission denied error for the NTFS partition storage.

I like to use this trick for using the KVM image for using the virtualization.

Its a simple idea of mount a virtual disk image as a device on the linux machine.
I have tested in the centos6.4 x86_64 and work well.

step 1: mount the VM disk as loop device
you can use kpartx or losetup command

# kpartx -av <path of image>

now the loop device show its loop number
like /dev/loop0

step 2: create VM using this loop device as VM disk.
use the loop number as given by command
give path of loop device

step 3: start the VM and use the VM.