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Remote Desktop like Windows in Linux

We have many times configure the vncserver but never think about that the configure the Remote Desktop in Linux so that the Linux user can access the Linux server using even windows machine.

just few step can make this possible
Enable epel repository in Linux then :-
yum install xrdpservice xrdp startadd lines in  /etc/sysconfig/iptables
-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 3389 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m udp -p udp --dport 3389 -j ACCEPTservice iptables restart Now you can access your machine using remote desktop client either from windows command mstsc or using Linux command tsclient

AMD Graphic Driver (Radeon 6400 series) Install on Linux CentOS-6.2 x86_64 bit Troubleshoot

AMD Graphic Driver (Radeon 6400 series) Troubleshoot
i have faced a problem with this graphic card. whenever i update my kernel version in the CentOS-6_x86_64 then the graphic is not supported by the card and hang the system in command line and not give the further response to work. The reason is the driver of the graphic card is work with kernel and whenever the kernel updated then the graphic driver is not combined with it. So the solution is following for get back the Graphic:
you can stick to kernel version on which you have install graphic can update the kernel and after that boot it in command line and install the graphic driver again on updated kernel. I have done it three time when i updated my kernel.

you can do it in this way:-

1. choose the single mode with updated kernel and get the command line.
then install the driver again and reboot the system.
2. you can also do this by another way. In old kernel mode, first edit the file /etc/inittab for command line mode t…

Command Comparison between DOS & Linux/Unix

Command Comparison:

DOS CommandUNIX or Bash CommandActionDIRls -l (or use ls -lF)(-a all files)
(df -k Space remaining on filesystem)List directory contentsDIR *.* /o-d
DIR *.* /v /os
DIR /s
DIR /aals -tr
ls -ls
ls -R
ls -aList directory contents by reverse time of modification/creation.
List files and size
List directory/sub-directory contents recursively.
List hidden files.TREEls -RList directory recursivlyCDcdChange directoryMKDIR
MDmkdirMake a new directoryASSIGNlnCreate a file or directory linkRMDIR
RDrmdirRemove a directoryCHDIRpwdDisplay directory locationDEL
ERASErm -ivRemove a fileRMDIR /S (NT)
DELTREE (Win 95...)rm -RRemove all directories and files below given directoryCOPYcp -pivCopy a fileXCOPYcp -RCopy all file of directory recursivlyRENAME or MOVEmv -ivRename/move a fileTYPEcatDump contents of a file to users screenMOREmorePipe output a single page at a timeHELP or COMMAND /?manOnline manualsCLSclear
ctrl-lClear screenEXIT

Create users by command

Create users by command
I have create users by command line and assign a group wheel and uid if required. You can read the man page for useradd #man useradd example is given below:
1: simple add user with password [root@study ~]# useradd ashish -pashish123
[root@study ~]# id ashish
uid=501(ashish) gid=501(ashish) groups=501(ashish)
2: add user with additional group "wheel" [root@study ~]# useradd sandeep -psandeep123 -Gwheel
[root@study ~]# id sandeep
uid=503(sandeep) gid=503(sandeep) groups=503(sandeep),10(wheel)
3: add user with additional group and specific uid=502
[root@study ~]# useradd dilip -pdilip123 -Gwheel -u502
[root@study ~]# id dilip
uid=502(dilip) gid=502(dilip) groups=502(dilip),10(wheel)

NTFS filesystem problem in Linux System

NTFS  filesystem problem in Linux System

The ntfs filesystem found in the windows system & ext4 is found in latest version of linux system.

The one problem i faced while using the ntfs filesystem is that it doesn't preserve the attributes of the file that may be a problem for the advanced users.
Some time we require to keep the attribute of the files like user,time,permission etc.

The given drive support the ntfs filesystem in the linux

i use both for testing.

[root@linux-system ~]$ df -T
Filesystem    Type   1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdb1  fuseblk   347582460    501608 347080852   1% /media/My Passport

[root@linux-system lab-test]# echo test > word.txt
[root@linux-system lab-test]# echo test > /media/My\ Passport/text-files/word.txt

[root@linux-system lab-test]# ll --full-time word.txt /media/My\ Passport/text-files/word.txt
-rwxrwxrwx 1 user user 5 2012-07-13 14:11:53.538205000 +0530 /media/My Passport/…