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Same job for multiple files

Same job for multiple files We face a common problem when we need to do the same job for multiple files in Linux environment. Example:
Extract multiple filesDelete selected multiple files where 'rm -rf *' commnad is not suitable.

It's very easy to save your time without error doing the same job.
Here is the common solution:
Algorithm/Pseudocode: Create a list of all required files which need to process same as the first file.Create a programming loopWithin the loop, apply your job for the file_variable. Also, you can add some prompt for completion of the job (timestamp) or error check or cross-check the job or parallel jobs. I have applied the algorithm using bash scripting as it is common use in Linux terminal:

#file=$1 # for filename as input argument
# gz file list from current folder file=`ls *.gz`
# create a output folder path mkdir /tmp/myfolder
while read f do echo file is $f # extract 10 line sample from a list of .gz files zcat $f | head > /tmp/myfolder/$f.tsv d…
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Resize photo/images in bulk

Example Usage:-

$ convert rose.jpg rose.png
$ convert rose.jpg -resize 50% rose.png
$ convert -size 320x85 canvas:none -font Bookman-DemiItalic -pointsize 72 \
-draw "text 25,60 'Magick'" -channel RGBA -blur 0x6 -fill darkred -stroke magenta \
-draw "text 20,55 'Magick'" fuzzy-magick.png
$ convert input.png -colorspace RGB +sigmoidal-contrast 11.6933 \
-define filter:filter=Sinc -define filter:window=Jinc -define filter:lobes=3 \
-resize 400% -sigmoidal-contrast 11.6933 -colorspace sRGB output.png

Given the complexity of the rendering, you might be surprised it is accomplished by a single command-line:
convert -size 320x90 canvas:none -stroke snow4 -size 1x90 -tile gradient:white-snow4 \ -draw 'roundrectangle 16, 5, 304, 85 20,40' +tile -fill snow \ -draw 'roundrectangle 264, 5, 304, 85 20,40' -tile gradient:chart…

Leaning Linux

Leaning Linux
It seems to be difficult to learning Linux Operating System initially. Everyone is looking for a Linux Drink  which can give then a instant solution for their problem. Keeping in mind that we have a learning curve different from each other and that need time to understand it.
Some quick tips for learning is given here to boost your interest towards Linux.
1. Be like a child who don't know anything as you feel initially. So be like that and start asking question with you that you are looking for it. The best way is writing on a notebook or mobile notes. That will help you to search on Internet or asking from others.
2. Because you can understand English, so start reading every error you face on command line terminal and find reason behind it.
3. As a human being, you want always a shortcut like a cheating to complete every task, so start exercise with any "Linux cheat-sheet" and be like a child as given above.
4. If you don't have Linux command prompt te…

Reference Manager

Source of Information Management "Need for manage your reading and source of information" Whenever we need to rearrange information to give someone else or retrieve information for own while writing paper, article, news etc.
I look some software which can help a researchers / students / readers to manage their source of information. I found some source of these reference manager to understand our need the available feature in a software.
We also need to understand the license terms and condition of any software before use. For basic understanding, follow links:-

Open Secret of Human Behavior to Understand Better World

Open Secret of Human Behavior to Understand Better World The search about the word combination on Google Search has given like this
Open Secret of Human Behaviour
About 19,10,000 results
(0.34 seconds)
31 Dec 2014

Open Secret of Human Behaviour to understand better world
About 38,20,000 results
(0.56 seconds) 31 Dec 2014

But the question is did we actually revel human behavior to understand better world?
At the end of any fruit.. the fruit reflect the human behavior with some simple question..
Does it useful to me or in Life or for Humanity or Nature?

Now we can start a series of human behavior thought to understand human itself which we did not found in books or directly disclose by other.

Please post and comments your thought that you have observed from you and around yourself.
I have started from my side...

General Method for install a software package using source file

General Method for install a software package using source file
It is always difficult to install a software packages in the linux system.
But if you read the document properly the it is easy to install and better understanding with the software that how it works.

step1:- Download linux/unix compatible software package of required 32bit (i386,i486,i586,i686) or 64bit (x84_64)
step2:- Extract the package
step3:- go to extracted folder and read properly the file given as INSTALL or README or doc folder. If possible then read other tutorial.
step4:- Generally a configure file in the folder for the environment settings
step5:- run make command
step6:- rum make install command.

then test the installation package.

Add binary path of software in environment using $HOME/.bash_profile file
PATH=$PATH:/$HOME/bin:<Binary installation path of software>
export PATH